Kunene communities without food since Dec.

05 Feb 2014 18:10pm
OPUWO, 05 FEB (NAMPA) – The ongoing general voter registration (GVR) process is hampering the delivery of drought relief food to the needy in the Kunene Region.
Community members in Kunene who depend on drought relief food following the ongoing drought in Namibia, are reportedly suffering from hunger, and have not received food aid since December last year.
Most of the affected villagers have by now consumed the 12.5 kilogramme bag of maize meal they each received last month.
Herodia Kalunga, a resident of the Otjerunda village, situated about 25 kilometres south of Opuwo, said their maize meal finished in December already, more so because schoolchildren were on holiday at the time.
“We are now buying maize meal from Opuwo, and those who cannot afford to buy assist other villagers on their maize fields for payment,” she said.
Kalunga added that her home is at the distribution point of the drought relief food, and every day people come there to enquire when the next supply of maize meal will arrive.
“One can tell that these people do not have anything to eat,” she said.
Approached for comment, Deputy Director of Rural Development in the Kunene Regional Council, Jeremia Kavaa said there are not enough vehicles to take the food to the different areas.
He said most Government vehicles have now been re-allocated to the work of the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) for the GVR.
“We planned to start with the distribution of the food this week, but it is very tough without proper vehicles at our disposals. We only have seven pick-ups for the whole region, of which only three are 4x4s,” noted Kavaa.
He also raised concern about the ongoing rainy season, saying it will be a challenge when dropping off food at the different drop-off points, from where community members are required to collect the food with their own transportation.
Kavaa is worried that the maize will spoil due to rain.