SOEs must invest in human capacity development: Muadinohamba

31 Jan 2014 14:30pm
WINDHOEK, 31 JAN (NAMPA) - The former chief executive officer of the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA) has called upon managers of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) to invest more in the development and training of the country's human capacity.
Jerry Muadinohamba made the call to the heads of SOEs to train young Namibians in leadership skills for the advancement of the country's future in a public lecture on Thursday.
He shared his personal reflections and leadership experiences of over 10 years at the helm of the MVA Fund during his public lecture on transformational leadership in Namibia's SOEs, which was held at the Polytechnic of Namibia.
“SOEs are the engines of the State's developmental programmes and projects. The heads of the SOEs must, therefore, build trust and confidence in the general public on behalf of the State. Namibia's SOEs continue to lag behind in terms of human capacity development and training of youth because our people (heads of SOEs) focus too much on the notion that Namibia has no capacity. We should start developing confidence and trust in our people and help train young people in leadership skills,” he said.
According to Muadinohamba, those at the helm of local SOEs in some cases even refuse to develop the capacity of their staff members.
“People entrusted with the running and supervision of the SOEs must now start to think differently and act differently in order for Namibia to fast-track our people to develop and advance further,” he advised.
He stated that people entrusted with leadership at the country's SOEs should start creating a working environment in which all staff members can contribute to the progress of these companies.
“This can only happen when we start believing in one another. One big problem we have in our country is that we do not believe in one another. Leaders should listen and agree to the suggestions and ideas advanced by other people. Leadership is like helping a five-year-old child to ride a bicycle. Leadership is how to give other people chances to prosper and build a culture of confidence,” Muadinohamba stated.
He then urged the leadership and management of the SOEs to give their staff the chance to contribute effectively to the progress of companies, and to avoid conflict between the chief executive officers and board members of the companies.
He further urged SOE managers not to make the general public wait too long for service delivery and to seek solutions on how best to deliver improved services to the people all times.
Muadinohamba managed to turn the MVA into one of the leading state-owned enterprises with good, broad-based service delivery during his time there.
He is considered as an innovative leader who is continuously engaged in the quest for business process improvement, as well as the sustenance of the strong business culture of execution with high performing teams and individuals.
More than 500 people were present at the Polytechnic of Namibia on Thursday evening to listen to Muadinohamba's public lecture.
The lecture was jointly organised by the management of the MVA Fund and the Polytechnic of Namibia.