Trade volumes between India and Namibia worryingly low

29 Jan 2014 09:40am
BANGALORE, 29 JAN (NAMPA) – Namibian High Commissioner to India Pius Dunaiski said the trade volumes between India and his country are ‘worryingly’ low.
Dunaiski, who is attending the three-day Partnership Summit in Bangalore, India, told Nampa on Wednesday here that he is not happy with the trade levels between the two countries.
These volumes amount annually to over N.dollars 100 million in favour of India.
“We are not very happy with our trade levels as it is not commensurate with our warm political relationship between the two countries. The trade volumes are worryingly low,” he stressed.
India exports vehicles, pharmaceuticals, electronic products and steel to Namibia, while raw materials are exported to India from Namibia.
Dunaiski said the relationship between the two countries is deeply-rooted in the common struggle for Namibia’s independence and social justice.
The Indian people had helped Namibia in the struggle for freedom in the dark days of the liberation struggle, he added.
“We have built our bilateral relationship, which shifted for a mere political to economic, cultural and social relationship. There are a lot areas identified, being mining, education and health, to cooperate in. But we are not very happy with our trading levels.
We are working very hard to ensure that we are increasing trade volumes between the two countries so that our excellent political relations are translated into economic relations,” he stated.
Dunaiski added that the High Commission is busy consulting with experts to put together new strategies aimed at identifying existing and new areas which would deepen the relationship between the two countries.
“We will out map strategies, and implement them with the aim to improve our trade relationship, while we are seeking new ways to increase trade and cultural cooperation. The existing programs in mining, education and health will continue running”, he enthused.