CORRECTION: Negotiations on industrial park at WB underway

28 Jan 2014 13:40pm
ATTENTION – CORRECTION: Story contains two changes – interviewee’s surname is Van Staden and not Standford. He is also a Senior Manager at the Namibia Development Corporation, and not the Chief Executive Officer as previously stated.

BANGALORE, 28 JAN (NAMPA) - Negotiations between the Wavis Bay municipality and the Ministry of Trade and Industry through the Namibia Development Corporation (NDC) for the purchasing of 400 hectares of land in that harbour town are in the final stages. The NDC wants to purchase the land to develop a pioneer industrial estate.
In an interview with Nampa on Tuesday, NDC Senior Manager Koos van Staden said that estate is earmarked to be the anchor site for spearheading a special industrialised program in support of policies contained in NDP4 and Vision 2030.
The industrial sectors which are earmarked are inter alia, steel, construction, pharmaceuticals, salt, power, mineral beneficiation, biomass and agro-processing industries.
It is envisaged that this estate will also cater for a residential park to provide accommodation for employees, a business park for traders and recreation for tourism.
The estate will be strategically-located close to the Walvis Bay airport, and a few metres away from the railway line.
Van Staden said preliminary developing costs for the entire estate amount to about N.dollars 22 billion.
He said as soon as the land is secured, the design for infrastructure and service reticulation will commence immediately, and construction could start in the year 2015.
“A development of this magnitude shall be spearheaded by Government, in smart partnership with the private sector through the principle of global value chains, linkages and the Ministry of Industry’s Growth-at-Home strategy,” he explained.
Van Staden indicated further that the pioneer industrial estate has the potential to facilitate thousands of jobs and businesses, significant investments with reference to capital, appropriate technologies and human resources.
It would also generate formidable incomes for local and central government through rates and taxes payable by operators and employees engaged in the estate.
He added that Government is furthermore exploring smart partnership investments from countries such as Germany, South Africa, China, India, Korea and Indonesia for the development of the pioneer industrial park and its contents.
Van Staden is among members of the Namibian business delegation led by Minister of Trade and Industry Calle Schlettwein, who are attending a three-day Partnership Summit underway in Bangalore, India.