Principals should take stance against decay at schools: Steenkam

23 Jan 2014 16:20pm
EENHANA, 23 JAN (NAMPA) – Education Director for the Ohangwena Region, Sanet Steenkamp has called on school principals in her region to take a principled stance against any form of decay in their schools.
Steenkamp said this whilst speaking on the occasion of the directorate’s stakeholders’ reflection meeting on the 2013 examination results held here on Wednesday.
The Ohangwena education director wants to see principals taking a standpoint, especially against moral deterioration, and misuse and control of State property in the schools.
“Remember that the school image and environment is a reflection of your personal and leadership abilities,” Steenkamp told the principals.
She believes school principals are not just there to ensure academic improvement, but also to oversee that minor repairs are made at school level, that strong sense of cleanliness prevail, and that learners vandalising State property are held accountable.
“I need principals in this region who will not hesitate to address matters such as ill-discipline and bullying in our schools,” Steenkamp stressed.
She also wants school managements to immediately take action against any violent act they witness in their schools.
Steenkamp said the Ohangwena Education Directorate needs great and effective principals who are not afraid to assert their authority.
“Having said this, we need to tread carefully to strike a balance when asserting authority and making decisions so that the consequences of our decision making do not haunt us,” the director urged.
Although the Ohangwena Education Directorate recorded an improvement in its Grade 10 and 12 examinations results of last year, it needs external help to get to the root cause of why the majority of its candidates scored poor results in English.
The poor English results resulted in only 200 out of 2 582 candidates, who sat for Grade 12 examinations in the region last year, qualifying for admission to tertiary institutions this year.
This, according to Steenkamp, has prompted her directorate to seek for good skilled English teachers from elsewhere in the country to help in influencing the desired English results in the region this year.
The Ohangwena Education Directorate is ranked fourth in both 2013 Grade 10 and 12 examinations results in the country.