Etanga Primary School to remain closed this week

13 Jan 2014 14:20pm
OPUWO, 13 JAN (NAMPA) – The Etanga Primary School will remain closed for the week while the Kunene Education Directorate monitors the cholera situation in the area.
This was confirmed by the education inspector of the Opuwo Circuit, Chris Tjivikua in a telephonic interview on Monday.
“The teachers of Etanga Primary School have reported for duty and will monitor the cholera situation to determine how safe it is for the learners to report to school next week,” Tjivikua said.
He went on to say an announcement made by the councillor of the Epupa Constituency, Nguzu Muharukua on radio at around 11h50 on Monday that Etanga learners should report for school along with other learners across the country on Wednesday, is incorrect.
Muharukua said on the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC)’s OtjiHerero radio service on Monday that Etanga Primary School learners can come to school as there is enough water and the cholera situation is under control.
“I am surprised that the councillor went on radio with information that children should report to school without consulting the Education Directorate first - he gave the public wrong information,” Tjivikua said.
He explained that a directive has been given by the Director of Education for the Kunene Region, Simon Tsuseb for the learners to only report to school next Monday.
Etanga Primary School has received tanks of water from the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry’s Department of Rural Water Supply. The Ministry of Education is expected to pay for the water and its transportation.
The Department of Rural Water Supply is responsible for supplying water to rural communities.
“We decided to delay the opening of the school so as not to expose the learners to cholera infections and also to plan on how the costs of the services like water are going to be covered,” Tjivikua noted.
Etanga Primary School had 230 learners from Grades 1 to 7 last year, a number which is expected to increase this year.
The school premises are about six metres from the Etanga Clinic where all cholera patients from the area are received, which poses a danger to the learners – especially those who stay at the school because of a lack of accommodation.
Tjivikua said a public announcement on the delay of the school’s opening was forwarded to different radio stations on Monday for them to inform parents of the development.