Opuwo needs N.dollars 783 million economic injection

16 May 2019 18:30pm
By Edward Mumbuu Jnr
WINDHOEK, 16 MAY (NAMPA) – The Opuwo Urban Constituency in the Kunene Region needs a minimum of N.dollars 783 million for its immediate projects if emancipating its masses from the trenches of poverty is anything to go by.
This is according to the constituency’s councillor Weich Mupya, in an exclusive interview with Nampa on Tuesday.
In the midst of the catastrophic drought that has rocked Namibia, the constituency needs at least N.dollars 10 million to build boreholes to provide water for both animal and human consumption in 10 villages.
In a bid to become food secure, it needs community gardens at Otjitaazu, Orokapare, Okovingava, Okorosave and Okapembambu for N.dollars 600 000 each.
The constituency also needs a vocational training centre (VTC) in Opuwo to cater for the youth currently roaming the streets “in confusion”.
It is estimated to cost at least N.dollars 700 million.
Opuwo was controversially elbowed out in 2017 when the construction of a VTC in the region earmarked for the town was built in Khorixas instead.
“It was supposed to come here but those in charge decided to take it there. That was their priority. We hope that the construction of the Khorixas VTC concludes as it will help the region but we need a VTC in Opuwo. That is a fact,” he said.
Another development project is the N.dollars 15 million aquaculture project earmarked for Okorosave, some 25 kilometers south of Opuwo.
“It is saddening that the Fisheries Ministry returned N.dollars 40 million to Treasury during the period (2018/19 financial year) in which we had requested for the funds,” Mupya observed.
As gateway to a plethora of tourist destinations in the region, the construction of an airport in Opuwo would further boost the local economy.
The government has identified the need and reserved N.dollars 60 million for the construction of an aerodrome, but this diagnosis by the government is misplaced, according to Mupya.
“We believe that when you are in Opuwo, you are closer to North Africa, the Middle East, Europe, South America and the Caribbean Islands - so we should have a proper airport. This will boost the economy because currently, the economy is heavily dependent on Windhoek. It must be decentralised.”