Govt. dishing out maize seeds to crop farmers in Kunene

31 Dec 2013 09:20am
OPUWO, 31 DEC (NAMPA) – The Ministry of Agriculture Water and Forestry is distributing free drought-resistant maize seeds to crop farmers in the Kunene Region as part of the government’s drought-relief subsidy.
The Chief Agricultural Extension Technician for the Kunene Region, Eugene Simwanza told Nampa on Tuesday that the region has been allocated five tonnes of maize seeds for free distribution among crop farmers in all seven constituencies of Kunene.
“We have already distributed more than one tonne to crop famers in the Kunene since the maize seeds were received from the Zambezi Region last week,” he said.
According to Simwanza, 3.8 tonnes of the improved and certified maize seeds will be delivered to Opuwo on Monday.
Every crop farmer is expected to receive two kilogrammes of maize seeds or mahangu (pearl millet) seeds per hectare, with the maximum of four kilogrammes per farmer.
The Kunene Region has received one tonne of improved mahangu seeds, and all have already been distributed.
The Agricultural Development Centres (ADC) in the Kunene have not received seeds for sale this year, said Simwanza.
He added that the Namibian Red Cross Society is also giving out free maize seeds to different crop farmers in the region, and they are collaborating with the line ministry to avoid duplication.
Farmers at Otjerunda have received free maize seeds from the Namibian Red Cross Society, while farmers at Okovasiona received seeds from the Agriculture Ministry.