Skorpion funds //Karas/Northern Cape twinning agreement

12 Dec 2013 17:30pm
KEETMANSHOOP, 12 DEC (NAMPA) – The Skorpion Zinc Mine will fund a facilitator for a twinning agreement between the //Karas Regional Council and the Northern Cape Provincial Government in South Africa.
The council and the Northern Cape authority entered into the twinning agreement in 1999. It was reaffirmed in November 2006 and signed in November 2011. The agreement allows for cooperation in terms of developmental activities between the two parties.
The focus areas of cooperation are environment and tourism, agriculture, education, youth, sports and culture as well as mining.
The one-year funding agreement was signed here Wednesday between Skorpion and the //Karas Regional Council. It entails that the mine will pay a monthly salary of N.dollars 10 000 to facilitator Godfrey Kleynhans with effect from 01 January next year.
Kleynhans will act as a link between the council and the Northern Cape authority, in ensuring that the implementation of projects and programmes agreed upon are effective by mid-next year.
The facilitator will travel frequently to the Northern Cape for meetings with the authority there, and report back to //Karas Regional Council Chairperson Jan Scholtz and Chief Regional Officer Saul Kahuika.
Scholtz told Nampa on Thursday that the implementation of projects and programmes could not start, because there was no money to pay the facilitator who will oversee such activities.
He noted that the signing of the implementation plan that outlines which specific programmes and projects will be implemented, will take place at Lüderitz in February 2014.
“Now that Skorpion has agreed to pay the facilitator (Kleynhans), I am sure we will soon see the actual implementation,” Scholtz said.
In the meantime, the two regional authorities agreed upon cooperation in the karakul industry in order to strengthen the industry, and ensure its sustainability and success.
Another focus area is the development and management of sports and recreation activities for both parties.
Young people in the two areas will be empowered through developmental programmes of common interest between the National Youth Development Agency in the Northern Cape and the //Karas regional youth office within the Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sports and Culture office in //Karas.
Culture will also receive a boost through the establishment of a Nama trans-frontier cultural festival, which could be rotated for hosting between the Northern Cape and //Karas.
The parties further agreed that Nama language (Khoekhoegowab) will be taught in the Northern Cape in order to promote the vernacular.