Villagers building bridge at Epanya

28 Nov 2013 13:40pm
EPANYA, 28 NOV (NAMPA) - The villagers of Epanya, Onepandaulo and Ohailulu in the Oshana Region want contractors constructing the Okatana-Onhuno road to support their construction of a bridge by donating building materials.
The spokesperson of the villagers, Sakaria Kandali Madju told Nampa at the weekend that the local river is dangerous to cross during floods and has already claimed three lives during 2008 to 2010 flood seasons.
A teacher from Onepandaulo Combined School was one of the three people who lost their lives in the river after attempting to cross it during a flood.
“You can only go through deep water during the floods to reach Onepandaulo School, the local church or the Okatana-Endola district road, because our area is surrounded by this river’s two branches,” Madju noted.
This prompted the three villages’ inhabitants to get involved in the construction of a bridge in September this year.
There are more than 60 households in the area. According to Madju, each of the households agreed to contribute N.dollars 50 to the project.
Villagers who are formally employed were asked to contribute N.dollars 200.
Without disclosing the amount of money raised, Madju stated that the villagers contributed enough funds for the purchasing of materials for the foundation of the envisaged bridge.
The villagers laid the bridge’s foundation on Saturday. They indicated that they are now in need of 24 culvert pipes.
“We need to have the pipes before the beginning of this rainy season,” the villagers said during this news agency's visit to the construction site on Saturday.
Madju said they have already approached the contractors of the Okatana-Endola-Onhuno Road to donate old culvert pipes which have been removed from the existing gravel road and replaced with new pipes.
The contractors are said to have accepted the villagers’ request, but promised to give feedback once the Roads Authority (RA) has been approached for further approval.
Neither the contractors nor the RA was available for comment.