Aminuis public transport operators unfazed by competition

20 Nov 2013 19:10pm
GOBABIS, 20 NOV (NAMPA) – Pubic transporters conducting business between Gobabis and Aminuis are unfazed by the prospect of a rise in competition due to the scheduled upgrading of the C22 Gobabis-Aminuis-Aranos road.
The upgrading of the Gobabis-Aminuis-Aranos road to bitumen standard, which is expected to ease transport and travel problems on this highly utilised gravel road, is expected to start in mid-January 2014.
Although the tarring of the road could give rise to new transport operators, especially those using sedan vehicles, operators currently doing business along this route say they are not worried about losing income for their businesses.
Paul Karamata, who frequents the Gobabis-Aminuis route on a daily basis, told Nampa on Wednesday that he does not fear a possible loss of income due to new competitors.
“The route to Aminuis is unique in the sense that many people travelling along it would not just jump into a sedan as they have luggage most of the time which a sedan would never transport,” he said.
Following the completion of the first phase of construction of the Gobabis-Otjinene road late last year, pirate public transporters came to the fore, which somewhat placed the business of registered operators in jeopardy.
Sedan vehicle owners took advantage of the opportunity granted by the tarring of the road and started pirate public transport businesses which eventually put most registered operators out of business.
“We are confident that even if sedan vehicle owners come up with their small businesses, they will never be as popular as we are. We use vans which take more people than their small cars,” another operator, Frans Kamuhanga said.
Although the road construction could take up to three years to complete, many people who frequent the Gobabis-Aminuis road are happy that something is being done to ease their troubles.
The C 22 road to Aminuis has for long been a source of concern to motorists due to its terrible state, which has made travelling along the road a cumbersome and often dangerous undertaking.