Uanguta welcomes Gobabis-Aminuis-Aranos road upgrade

17 Nov 2013 12:00pm
GOBABIS, 17 NOV (NAMPA) – The Councillor for the Aminuis Constituency, Erwin Uanguta has welcomed the upgrade of the Gobabis-Aminuis-Aranos road, which is expected to start in mid-January 2014.
Uanguta said the road will not only provide job opportunities for the constituency’s residents, but will also provide a welcome relief to road users.
“We are very excited about this project as it has been long overdue. The upgrade of this road will really make travelling easy for both residents and investors alike. Travelling along this road has been a nightmare,” he said.
The project is expected to employ about 382 unskilled and skilled workers – the bulk of which will be taken from the Omaheke Region.
The regional councillor was speaking during a consultative meeting with stakeholders on the road upgrade project presented by the Road Contractor Company here on Friday.
The 240km road will link the Omaheke Region’s main economic centre of Gobabis to Aranos, and covers an extensive part of Aminuis, which Uanguta said will be an economic boost for the constituency.
Uanguta also welcomed the fact that no major changes to the road will be effected, as it will largely follow the same course as the current gravel road.
“We have people living along this road and it was indeed welcome relief that the tarred road will not have changes to their ways of living. For those whose undertakings and residences are too close to the road, please do not panic, your property will not be ransacked,” he said.
The project is expected to take between two and three years.