Zebra Security volunteers to guard centre

23 Oct 2013 10:20am
SAUYEMWA, 23 OCT (NAMPA) – A Rundu-based security company has offered to guard a centre for the visually impaired on the western outskirts of Rundu against vandalism and theft.
Since its establishment in 2008, the Sauyemwa Visually Impaired Centre, which is the only centre for visually impaired persons in the two Kavango regions, has fallen prey to theft on numerous occasions as thugs take advantage of the people’s poor sight at the centre to steal their belongings.
Currently, nine people with visual impairment, including three teachers, reside at the centre to look after the facility.
After learning of the troubles of the residents of this centre, the Zebra Security Company agreed to station one guard at the centre every night for free until next February.
The centre’s manager Immanuel Kangenengene told Nampa on Wednesday that 11 mattresses, six blankets, beds and cooking pots donated to them were recently stolen from the centre.
Kangenengene, who is visually impaired himself, said the suspected thieves gained entry to the centre by cutting its fence with unknown objects at night.
Several cases of theft have been reported to the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) here, but no suspects have yet been apprehended, nor have any belongings been recovered.
Kangenengene thus thanked the Zebra Security Company for its generosity.
Efforts to obtain comment from the management of the Zebra Security Company have proven futile since Monday this week.
Meanwhile, no lessons have taken place at the centre since the beginning of this year due to a lack of students.
The centre affords people living with visual impairments an opportunity to access education, especially how to read and write using Braille.
It is widely believed that people with visual impairment do not want to enrol at the centre because they live in remote areas, and are discouraged by the constant lack of transportation to and from school over weekends and during holidays.