Kavango learners lodge in classrooms to improve exam results

09 Oct 2013 13:40pm
NCAMAGORO, 09 OCT (NAMPA) - Grade 10 learners from the Ncamagoro Combined School are lodging in classrooms after school hours in an attempt to improve their end-of-year examination results.
The 64 Grade 10 learners from this remote school, situated some 30 kilometres (km) south of Rundu, have been sleeping in the classrooms since 25 September, and will continue to do so until the end of their examinations on 21 October.
The school’s Grade 10s did not do well last year, and the school’s management thus opted for the new living arrangements to ensure that learners devote their time to studying.
Learners are woken up at 05h00 to go for studies.
The move was also prompted by the fact that most of the learners at the school are heads of households and thus do not have time to study at home on their own, according to school principal Jacobus Sikongo.
He told Nampa on Wednesday the idea was initiated by the school’s management after it was realised that some learners travel long distances of over 10km to and from school, and always get to school late and exhausted. Most of them cannot afford to buy candles which can be used to study in the evenings.
Sikongo said a lack of accommodation facilities at the school was the other reason why the school opted to let learners sleep in classrooms.
Some of the children's meals are funded by their parents, who have each contributed N.dollars 60 to buy food, while some community members also donated foodstuffs.
Meanwhile, Sikongo noted that his school is faced with many other challenges such as a lack of classrooms, saying one classroom accommodates over 60 learners, making provision of quality education by teachers difficult.
Like most other schools in remote areas, the Ncamagoro Combined School is also faced with water shortages, and learners have to fetch water in buckets from nearby villages, while teachers commute daily from Rundu to school and back.
The school has a total of 785 learners from Grade One to 10.