Some Omusati villages still without drought relief food

26 Sep 2013 11:10
WINDHOEK, 26 SEP (NAMPA) - Many villages in the Omusati Region have still not received drought relief food according to Omusati Regional Councillor Bernadinus Shekutamba.
Shekutamba, speaking in the National Council (NC) on Thursday, said there are worrisome situations on the ground which need to be overhauled in order for the situation to be properly addressed.
“Many villages never actually received any rations since the inception of the drought relief food distribution as the supply system is too slow,” he said.
He went on to say trucks appointed to transport food from warehouses are seen parked for up to a week because there is simply no food at the warehouses to transport to constituencies.
Shekutamba said he has been informed that there only two milling companies which were appointed to crush maize for all four northern regions, and wanted to know why Government only appointed two companies if they do not have the capacity to supply the needed maize meal.
“Why can’t Government appoint additional millers in order to fulfil its commitment to supplying food to the intended beneficiaries?” he questioned.
Shekutamba then appealed to the Office of the Prime Minister as the custodians of the drought relief programme to look into the situation and come up with alternatives to the current system.
He said during the second round of drought relief food distribution which started in August, the Omusati Region received just 60 000 bags of maize meal which according to him is not sufficient as this translates into each of the region’s 12 constituencies receiving only 5 000 bags each.
“Five-thousand bags of maize meal, especially in my constituency of Etayi which is the second-largest in the region, is just a drop in the ocean,” he indicated.