Union comments on social media can cost football: Rukoro

30 Jun 2016 07:20am
WINDHOEK, 30 JUN (NAMPA) – Comments made by the Namibia Football Players Union (NAFPU) might, in the long run, negatively affect the very same people they represent says Namibia Football Association (NFA) Secretary-General (SG) Barry Rukoro.
Speaking to Nampa in a recent interview, Rukoro said the union could be the best thing that has ever happened in Namibian football, but could at the same time be the worst thing for local football.
“The players union is creating confusion in the football family and its stakeholders. When you say football is not well run because the players are not paid, you are creating doubt, not only in the football family but amongst its stakeholders as well.
“Comments made by individuals in the players’ union might lead to sponsors withdrawing from football and this will affect the very same people they are representing. If we don’t have sponsors for football, the same people they are representing will not have a single cent paid to them because there is no money,” he said.
Representatives of NAFPU over the radio and on social media platforms like Facebook, recently accused those running Namibian football of being greedy and not having players’ interests at heart.
They were referring to cases such as players of the senior women’s national football team, Brave Gladiators, who are yet to be paid after their appearances at the 2016 Confederation of African Football (CAF) Women's Cup qualifying matches against Zambia in March.
Another issue mentioned was club owners who allegedly fail to pay players, but do not face consequences from the national football body.
Rukoro added that external parties fund football and comments made by the players’ union can cause more harm than good.
Speaking to Nampa recently, NAFPU SG Olsen Kahiriri said the union is the only body that is currently seeking a collective agreement between players and the football association, but they “are always denied the opportunity to have the two parties working together”.
He said their comments on social media will not affect players,because they “are making statements that are facts”.
“I don’t know how long Rukoro has been in office - all these years he has been running football, has he ever considered players? The politics going on in the NFA between the SG and the president of the association (Frans Mbidi) is also killing football, and NAFPU is currently on the right path to represent players,” Kahiriri said.
He was refereeing to an incident in February this year when Mbidi suspended Rukoro citing gross insubordination.
The executive committee decided to lift the suspension later that month.