Teachers praised for holding a joint spring school at Opuwo

29 Aug 2013 10:30
By Tjikunda Kulunga
OPUWO, 29 AUG (NAMPA) – Learners from the //Karas and Khomas regions who attended the Spring School at the Mureti Senior Secondary School here this week were impressed with the quality of teaching displayed by teachers in the Kunene Region.
The Mureti and Putuavanga Secondary Schools this week held a joint spring school for Grade 10 and Grade 12 learners to prepare them for the final examinations.
Each of the two schools had 105 learners from both grades participating in the spring school.
An additional 15 learners came from schools such as Delta Secondary School in Windhoek, J.A. Nel Senior Secondary School in the //Karas region, the Outjo Secondary School, Kamanjab Combined School, Welwitchia Secondary School and Braunfels Agricultural High School.
Raseuako Kuuokuta, a Grade 10 learner from the J.A Nel Senior Secondary School in Keetmanshoop, told Nampa after the closing ceremony here on Tuesday that the teachers showed them useful tactics of coping with different challenges during the exams.
“These teachers just know how to make people understand difficult methods by making them seem simpler. They are just exceptionally good at their subjects,” beamed Kuuokuta.
She added that the motivation, support and guidance which the teachers gave them during the six-day spring school were of the highest standards.
A Grade 10 learner from the Delta Secondary School, Vepura Karutjaiva said the teachers were exceptionally well-prepared in all the subjects.
“I enjoyed the History class most of all, and I can say I am ready for the exams now after all those lessons,” the learner stated.
The two learners Nampa spoke to said despite the lack of laboratory experiments, the theoretical part was well-presented, and they now understand even the subjects which are assumed to be difficult like Physical Science and Mathematics.
The Education Inspector for the Opuwo Circuit, Chris Tjivikua also showered the two principals of the Putuavanga Secondary School and Mureti with praise for a job well done, and for collaborating in many other educational activities.
“I am indebted to all the 15 teachers who participated in the teaching during the spring school to ensure that the learners are well-prepared to improve on their symbols at the end of the year,” he said.
Tjivikua added that he is grateful that despite all the challenges of poor funding, teachers sacrificed their free holiday time and remained behind to prepare the learners.
“You went beyond the call of duty, and I am very grateful for that,” he added.
The Directorate of Education in the Kunene Region was unable to avail funds for spring schools in the Kunene Region this year, and teachers had to ask N.dollars 200 from parents for each learner who attended the spring school.
Food for the learners had to come from that N.dollars 200 for the six days, and the 15 teachers were also paid from the same amount.
Several other schools had to cancel their spring schools due to a lack of funding from the regional offices of education this year.
Only four learners were suspended from the spring school out of the 225 who participated.
According to Mureti Senior Secondary School Principal Julius Kaujova, the four learners were suspended because two of them were misbehaving, one absconded from class while the fourth came drunk to the classroom.
The classes were running from 08h00 to 17h00 for all six days, starting from 21 to 27 August.