Liberation struggle kids might be relocated soon

07 Dec 2015 18:50pm
WINDHOEK, 07 DEC (NAMPA) - The 'children of the liberation struggle' who set up an illegal camp in the bushes near the Swapo-party head office in Katutura, will be relocated in the near future.
A member of the party who represents the disgruntled group in the Khomas Region, Nicodemus Kamati told Nampa the youth will be relocated to another camp which is yet to be identified.
He explained that the location of the current camp is not safe for them and some of the scattered camps might be flooded during the current rainy season.
“We just want the liberation struggle kids to be safe because here where they are staying at the moment is not good for them. They are camping at a place where electric wires are passing through and these kids are at risk of electric shocks,” said Kamati.
When Nampa left the Swapo head office at 10h00 Monday morning, a meeting between the struggle kids and Swapo-party leadership was still in progress.
The outcome of the meeting will be made public during the course of this week.
One of the struggle kids who spoke to this agency on Monday, Petrus Iilonga said: “If only they gave us jobs on time they would not have this problem, but if they are relocating us at least they should give us a place with good hospitality”.
He explained that they will appreciate being relocated to a safer place with at least access to water and electricity; two of their necessities at the moment.
Some of them have, in the meantime, moved into the Swapo headquarters’ erf after one of them was allegedly bitten by a snake.
The group of about 700 youth set up the illegal camp along Dr Leonard Auala and Hans-Dietrich Genscher streets in Katutura after arriving in the capital from different parts of the country about two months ago.
They are demanding job opportunities in Government ministries, law-enforcement and State-owned institutions.
The majority of their parents and relatives died during Namibia's liberation struggle against the then South African apartheid colonial administration.