World Encounter Microloan Programme launched in Namibia

20 Aug 2013 10:00
WINDHOEK, 20 AUG (NAMPA) – Fifty interest-free microloans were availed to local women to start their own small businesses by the World Encounter Microloan Programme in the capital on Saturday.
Speaking at what was also the official launch of the World Encounter Microloan Programme in Namibia on Saturday, Women's Action for Development (WAD) Executive Director Veronica de Klerk explained that the microloans will enable the recipients to form a trust investment group consisting of 10 women each; to receive a one-year loan to start a micro-business of their choice after having received training in small business skills; and most importantly, to acquire these interest-free loans without collateral.
The programme seeks to empower women, through microloans, to work their way out of poverty; to achieve increased control over their lives; to provide food, medical care and education for their children; to exercise choices, and work towards a brighter future; and to grow in self-respect, pride and dignity, she said.
“Better days have now dawned for you, but I see, as part of the good news, very definite responsibilities and challenges which you are expected to meet,” De Klerk said while addressing the recipients.
She further cautioned the women that the loans which they received will have to be paid back to enable other women to enjoy the same benefits.
“It is now expected of all of you to use the money which is allocated to your group with the highest respect and responsibility, to embark on projects which will earn you income to feed your families and which will serve as a stepping stone to reach higher heights of success,” she noted.
To complement the work of the organisation, WAD has formed a smart partnership with ‘World Encounter – Namibia’ to train their members to set up small businesses for which there is a market.
The training will be conducted free of charge by businesswomen who were trained this year by WAD, and who will, as a gesture of goodwill, act as mentors to the recipients.
De Klerk urged all the recipients to work towards becoming financially independent, and to be excited along with her about the positive changes which are coming their way.
“The power is in your hands to become a significant force, but it comes at the price of sheer hard work, dedication and courage,” she further stated.