DRC formalisation in sight

19 Aug 2013 12:40
SWAKOPMUND, 19 AUG (NAMPA) - A registration process which will speed up the formalisation of the Democratic Resettlement Community (DRC) informal settlement at Swakopmund, is set to start on 30 September this year.
This was revealed to residents of the DRC informal settlement here on Sunday in an information-sharing meeting called by the Swakopmund Municipality.
Addressing the residents during the meeting, the Manager of General Community Development Services at the Swakopmund Municipality, Mike Iipinge explained that the registration process will bring the formalisation of the settlement’s development a step closer.
“The DRC development was limited to the planning phase. However, we are now entering the stage of physical interaction, which will take place during the coming months,” he noted.
Iipinge went on to say the registration process is aimed at obtaining the information of people residing in the informal settlement so that the demarcation of the plots, as well as the installation of bulk water facilities, can proceed.
Recruits from the DRC community will be selected to assist with the collection of data and registration forms from the residents.
Iipinge stated that the people who are selected to assist with the registration will receive training on how the process works.
Those selected will be easily identifiable as they will be dressed in a certain manner and will wear an identity card.
The information which the residents will be required to avail to the municipality will include their personal information; residential address; and details about their economic status such as their income.
Iipinge further indicated that the target group who will be registered are the owners of the shacks, who are the heads of the household.
He stated that once a shack owner has been registered, they will receive a sticker which will be placed on the shacks. The number on the sticker will correspond with the number on the registration form to enable the municipality to identify the owner of the shacks.
Once all the residents’ particulars are known, it will be easier to finalise the formulation process, which has become a sensitive issue for the residents of the informal settlement.
They have made repeated calls for the formalisation of the area so that their living conditions can be improved.
In February this year, Swakopmund Mayor Juuso Kambueshe announced that the area will be formalised at a cost of N.dollars 53 million.