Namibians reading only imported books

09 Aug 2013 08:00
SWAKOPMUND, 09 AUG (NAMPA) – Namibian librarian and author Hellen Ndeshi Namhila on Thursday evening expressed concern over the lack of literature with local content, describing it as a ‘discouraging state’.
Speaking at the second day of the Namibian Women’s Summit underway here, Namhila said after 23 years of independence, Namibians are still reading the history of Namibia in imported literature.
She said Namibian education institutions are using more than 90 per cent of literature which is imported, and these include books on biology and the history of Namibia.
“Why are we not writing books to reach out to those who want to read and tell them our stories,” questioned Namhila.
She noted that such imported literature about the history of Namibia contain limited information about Namibia’s liberation struggle.
“In the history books we are reading today, the Swapo Party is mentioned in one paragraph. In those literature, the Namibian women and Africa in general are portrait as baby-bearers, victimised, sufferers, among others,” she stated.
Namhila thus encouraged women to write their own stories.
“We should start writing and record our stories, and the University of Namibia will use our recorded stories in classes,” she stated.
She then offered to run workshops on how to write a book at no cost.
“Let us stop blaming history, stop blaming Apartheid and colonialism now. After 23 years of independence, we should have several books with local content and authored by Namibians,” said Namhila.
She is the author of books such as the “Price of Freedom” and “Tears of Courage” among others.