Business personalities urged to invest in Ondangwa Airport

02 Aug 2013 07:20
ONDANGWA, 02 AUG (NAMPA) – The extension and upgrading of the Ondangwa Airport’s passenger terminal forms an integral part in the economic progress and success of the nation.
Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) Northern Branch chairperson Tomas Iindji said this during the Ondangwa Airport business presentation by the Namibia Airports Company (NAC) at Ondangwa in the Oshana Region on Thursday.
“This applies not only to the individual businesses represented here today and jumping on the opportunity to link with business opportunities provided by the NAC, but also for the ‘four O regions’ (four northern regions) as a whole,” Iindji told those in attendance.
He said the expanded and upgraded Ondangwa Airport terminal will provide the northern business community with enhanced quality services, increasing flight numbers and passengers.
According to Iindji, the upgraded Ondangwa Airport will also increase connections with regional destinations such as Lusaka (in Zambia); Luanda (Angola); and Maputo (Mozambique).
“It will serve as an easy access point for national and regional businesspeople and tourists alike to enter our regions,” the NCCI Northern Branch executive committee chairperson stated.
He also felt that the upgraded Ondangwa Airport would link the northern economy with national and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) markets, and speed up the dissemination of information of products and services made or rendered in the four northern regions.
Iindji, at the same time, called on members of the northern business community to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of the NAC to extend and upgrade the Ondangwa Airport into a major gateway to northern Namibia.
NAC’s General Manager of Commercial Services at NAC, Toska Sem presented the business opportunities offered by the Ondangwa Airport during Thursday’s meeting.
Sem singled out the creation of facilities such as shopping centres, hospitality establishments and the provision of food and beverages for passengers/tourists as just some of the business opportunities available for locals at the Ondangwa Airport.
Infrastructure development and provision of services and local products at the Ondangwa Airport is highly needed as the airport has started experiencing increased number of passengers, said Sem.
The Ondangwa Airport, which was used as a military operations terminal before Independence in 1990, is said to handle over 23 000 aircraft passengers per annum at this stage.
Works and Transport Minister Erkki Nghimtina in June last year officially launched the Ondangwa Airport passenger terminal project, which is due to be completed in March next year.
On completion, the new passenger terminal building of the Ondangwa Airport will be worth about N.dollars 58 million.