Roads Authority: Safe Roads to Prosperity

May 21, 2015, 9:46am

Roads Authority: Safe Roads to Prosperity

The Roads Authority is a non-profit, mission-driven organisation that strives continously to achieve a safe and efficient national road network of Namibia. In this, we adhere to a set of values built upon the principle of good governance.


Corporate Charter

In our quest to make the Roads Authority the best company to work for, the need to establish a value driven workforce has been identified as one of RA strategic priorities. Shared values are what engender trust and link an organization together. Values are also the identity by which an organization is known throughout its business areas. 
The Roads Authority has now a well-articulated Corporate Charter containing our Vision, Mission, Values and Brand promise that provides a sound base for collective action and synergy toward excellence and optimal performance.
Our “Values our Pride” initiative is a strategic approach aimed to encourage all members of management and supervisors to lead by example and guide staff to live/enact the corporate values in their work life. This initiative will be a biannual event during which employees celebrate, reflect and take pride of RA values. The objectives of this initiative are as follows:

  • - To establish coherence and congruence between personal values and the core values espoused by RA Corporate Charter;
  • - Management to “walk the talk” by enacting the values through their conduct;
  • - To  help employees to live the corporate values in their working environment;
  • - To build synergy and creative co-operation among employees;
  • - To raise the level of organizational trust and performance.

In accordance with good corporate governance, management must promote high ethical values and build trust relationships in their divisions. Not only is trust the highest form of human motivation, but high moral ethics promotes a corporate culture of responsibility and accountability.
Roads Authority is a parastatal organisation fully owned by the Namibian government under the Ministry of Works and Transport. The Roads Authority was formed together with two sister organisations, Road Fund Administrators and Roads Contractor Company, culminated from the then Ministry of Works, Transport and Communication project.
The project was set up with a view to commercialise the functions of the then Department of Transport, to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in the management of road construction and road maintenance in Namibia. The Roads Authority continues to carry out the tasks to the best of its ability as outlined in the enabling legislation Act 17 of 1999.