August 14, 2014, 3:18pm



The Namibia Retailing Traders Association (NRTA) - formally known as Namibia Shebeen Association (NASA) - has committed to enhance their work throughout Namibia and implementing their primary mission by mobilizing and registering their members nationwide.  This includes engaging the relevant authorities to ensure NRTA represents all members in all regions and guarantees that all their members operate their shebeens within the legal framework of the country.  This commitment was made by Andreas Nuule, the President of NRTA on behalf of NRTA.

Nuule: “Alcoholic beverage traders of which shebeen owners, their employees and dependents are by far the majority, are the ones most affected by the actions of law enforcers.  We therefore opted to restructure the Namibia Retailing Traders Association (NRTA), the officially recognized representative body of shebeen operators in Namibia. We believe that all citizens have a legal right to express their feelings when their rights are violated and support the thinking of a potential solution that lies in a collective, coherent and integrated approach by drinkers and non-drinkers alike consisting of community stakeholders such as families; church groups; educators; anti-alcohol lobby groups; liquor manufacturers; liquor traders; government and law enforcement agencies, to mention a few.”

Nuule went on to say that thus far 3580 shebeen owners have been registered in the Khomas Region and more than 400 in the Kunene; Omaheke; Omusati; and Ohangwena regions.  He also advised that the majority of their members comply with the rules but added that most of them were not liquor license holders due to unresolved fitness certificates from local authorities.

On the road to regulating the industry he added: “The greatest challenge is to ensure everyone joins and becomes a paid-up member of the Association.  Another challenge is the limitation we face when it comes to the issuing of the fitness certificates from the side of the municipalities.”  On next steps he said that they aim to recruit shebeen owners in all regions of the country in order to represent the majority of small business owners in the whole country.

Nuule thanked supporters such as Namibia Breweries Limited who stepped-up in assisting their work through the donation of a vehicle as well as numerous other equipment which will enhance the work done by NRTA.

He concluded by highlighting the purpose of the Namibia Retailing Traders Association: “The purpose of the NRTA is three-fold: Firstly, to represent and stimulate the awareness and engage the creativity of shebeen owners in order to develop innovative and successful solutions to problems that affect the operations of their business in Namibia; secondly, to provide a channel for SME’s to become proactive in realizing their talents and in implementing their goals and initiatives, by taking on professional roles, methods, and responsibilities that will develop their business skills and experience; and thirdly, to collaborate with the government and other stake holders around the country in order to systematically remove the obstacles hindering Namibian SME’s from becoming empowered, self-reliant, and innovative business people of tomorrow.”

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