Swapo Govt creating an elite society: Venaani

22 Jul 2014 15:10pm
OPUWO, 22 JUL (NAMPA) – The ruling Swapo-Party government is creating an elite society at the expense of the poor majority, DTA of Namibia president McHenry Venaani says.
He made this statement during a DTA meeting held at the Epupa village, situated about 180 kilometres north of Opuwo on Sunday.
“The youth of Epupa are unemployed, and there are a lot of bridges which needed to be built on the road to Epupa, which the government failed to construct.
However, they are planning to construct a Parliament worth N.dollars 700 million - money which could be used for other essential infrastructure in the country,” charged Venaani.
He said Government is also planning to construct a new Military Hospital in Windhoek for very important persons (VIPs) and ministers only, which would cost the taxpayers more than N.dollars 450 million, while there are shortages of medicines in public hospitals across the country.
“It is very shameful that after 24 years of independence, the government has nothing to count as development brought to the people of Epupa. There is a high unemployment rate among the youth and no irrigation projects, while there is flowing water in the Kunene River. This is very shameful on the government,” noted Venaani.
He also informed the meeting that the government has used N.dollars 250 million to buy new vehicles for ministers, describing it as a way that the Swapo-led government is creating an elite class of people at the expense of the entire society.
The DTA president further claimed that government officials who attended the meeting which welcomed Chief Hikuminue Kapika to join the Swapo-Party on Saturday used government vehicles to transport Swapo members from as far as the Otjozongombe village, about 250km away from Epupa.
Venaani added that using government resources like that for the party’s activities is the highest order of corruption, noting that government officials should use their party’s own resources to campaign with.
Meanwhile, the politician said his party was not part of the removal of Kapika from his chieftaincy, saying the DTA does not have such power.
Kapika joined Swapo, claiming that the DTA and some of his subjects were trying to oust him.
Venaani thus called on the people of Kunene to vote for the DTA during the upcoming elections “for the prosperity and good future of the children of this country”.
Namibians will elect their President and National Assembly members in November this year.