Ambassador Kaukungwa sues Swapo coordinator for stock theft

25 Apr 2014 13:30pm
KAHENGE, 25 APR (NAMPA) - Former Namibian Ambassador to South Africa, Shapwa Kaukungwa, has reported the Swapo coordinator in the Kavango West Region, David Hamutenya, to the Ukwangali Traditional Authority community court for allegedly stealing his ox.
Kaukungwa, who was a Namibian Ambassador to Luxembourg too, claims Hamutenya slaughtered his ox at his farm without his knowledge in November last year.
The ox was slaughtered after it apparently grazed on Hamutenya’s mother-in-law’s farm, which is situated adjacent to Kaukungwa’s farm within the Ukwangali Traditional Authority area.
Hamutenya said the ox was allegedly given to his in-laws as compensation for crop loss suffered as a result of that illegal grazing, but Kaukungwa denied such claims.
The ox was valued at N.dollars 5 000.
The Ukwangali Traditional Authority Chief Council member Mbandu Hawanga confirmed to Nampa on Thursday that Kaukungwa has indeed opened a case with the traditional court.
Hawanga, who is also the senior headman of the Ukwangali Traditional Authority, indicated that the court case was postponed twice previously, because Hamutenya failed to bring along his witnesses.
He said a final court hearing is scheduled to take place on 06 May, and both parties have been warned to attend the final hearing as no further postponement will be entertained.
Kaukungwa, who is a central committee member of the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP), confirmed opening a case against Hamutenya.
The retired diplomat indicated that he was informed of the development by his cattle herder who was stationed at the farm, and approached the traditional authority to investigate the matter.
Hamutenya, in the meantime, explained that he was not the one who slaughtered the ox.
He told Nampa on Thursday that on that specific day, he found a cattle herder busy slaughtering the animal, apparently on instruction from his wife, sister-in-law and other in-laws.
Hamutenya noted that the ox was detained in 2009 after it, together with other cattle, grazed in his mother-in-law’s mahangu field, and later given to her as compensation for damages incurred.