Opuwo water supply to be restored by Saturday

09 Jul 2013 13:00
OPUWO, 09 JUL (NAMPA) - The water supply to the entire town of Opuwo will be restored by Saturday this week, the town council?s Chief Executive Officer Alphons Tjitombo said on Tuesday.
Most houses on higher ground in Opuwo have been without water for a month now, and residents collect water in containers from the town council?s water tankers for household use.
?The problem was that the water tower which supply water to houses on higher ground was being rehabilitated, and the delay in the material (parts) from South Africa prolonged the reconnection of the water to some sections of the town,? explained Tjitombo.
He said contractors on site confirmed on Monday that they will complete putting together the water tower on Friday morning, and by Saturday the whole town will easy access to water.
The water tower was rehabilitated before the year 2000 when the town council was still under the Kunene Regional Council, and water was still being pumped from Alfa about 15 kilometres outside Opuwo.
?Since the Opuwo Town council was established the tower was not rehabilitated and needed to be rehabilitated as it was leaking, and to boost the pressure of the water supply to the town,? noted Tjitombo.
The exercise to rehabilitate the water tower cost the town council N.dollars 400 000.
Meanwhile, the town council recently completed its water reticulation system through the entire town at a cost of N.dollars 8 million. This process resulted in the facing-out of the rationing of water system.
In the past, water pipes were open from 05h00 until 21h00 to avoid water getting lost through the old, damaged underground pipes during night time.
Tjitombo added that the investment was to ensure that water run in all residents? taps without any disturbance 24 hours a day, and this will be achieved with the completion of the water tower.