Telecom denies cancelling fax2email service

03 Jul 2013 13:00
WINDHOEK, 03 JUL (NAMPA) - Telecom Namibia has denied reports that it cancelled the service provider agreement for fax2email and email-to-fax services in Namibia.
Telecom?s Senior Manager for Corporate Communications and Public Relations, Oiva Angula told Nampa in a telephonic interview on Wednesday the provision of this service is continuing.
He explained that Telecom?s contract with South Africa?s IV Telecoms, which provided the service, expired recently.
?We have learned through the media that the service provider sent notices to all our customers that we have allegedly cancelled the service. This is a wrong notice, since our contract is over,? he said.
The notification sent to Telecom Namibia's clients by IV Telecoms on Tuesday said ?It is with regret to inform you that Telecom Namibia have cancelled the Service Provider Agreement for Fax2Email and Email to Fax service in Namibia. We have made every effort to negotiate with Telecom Namibia to continue with the Service Provider Agreement, but to no avail?.
The notification went on to thank customers for their support.
?We... convey our sincere apologies for the inconvenience suffered by the cessation of the Fax2Email services in Namibia and assure you that we have tried everything in our power to prevent this unfortunate situation,? it stated further.
Angula however reiterated that Telecom's fax2email services are still functioning properly, and said it is currently managed by the company (Telecom) itself.
He, however, mentioned that there are slight changes in the service, as the domain name it uses has changed. The previous domain name was '' and this has now changed to ''.
Angula said Telecom managed to notify most of its customers about the change on Tuesday, and will assist clients who struggle to access the service because of a problem with the technical numbers which contain 10 digits, but are supposed to contain only nine digits.
He said the company?s technicians will have the problem fixed by Thursday.