Walvis Bay launches five-year strategic plan

28 Jun 2013 02:00
WALVIS BAY, 28 JUN (NAMPA) - The Walvis Bay Municipality officially launched its five-year strategic plan here on Thursday.
The plan, which was compiled with the assistance of the Namibian Ports Authority (Namport) and the Walvis Bay Logistics Park, places specific attention on turning the harbour town into an industrial hub for the Southern African region.
The new strategic plan will serve as a roadmap for the municipality over the next five years, from 2013 to 2017, so as to make an impact on the lives of the town?s residents.
The plan contains a business-like approach, by using effective and efficient management techniques so that the municipality is able to compete with other local authorities in terms of growth and development.
This means exploring all possible avenues to attract investors and also to make land available for infrastructure development.
The strategic plan focuses on capacity building and governance, physical infrastructural development, local economic development, socio-economic and environmental considerations.
Kevin Adams, the Public Relations Officer at the Walvis Bay Municipality told Nampa after the launch on Thursday that this strategic plan is different from the ones that were developed in the past because this time around the municipality held wide consultations with the public and business sectors on the proposed development plans.
?The municipality held meetings with all the stakeholders during 2012 to allow them to have inputs in formulating the plan. The municipality wants to ensure that the stakeholders? plans fit into the overall economic and industrial development strategy of the town. If the strategic plan needs to be readjusted to coincide with the developments, the municipality will do so,? he said.
Adams said the Walvis Bay Municipality will also make room for other developments such as tourism, but the main focus would still be on industrial development.