ACC requests N$6 million more to carry out medium-term plan

13 Mar 2014 16:00pm
WINDHOEK, 13 MAR (NAMPA) - The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has requested an increase of N.dollars 6,2 million to enable it to carry out its mandate properly.
A total of N.dollars 54,7 million was allocated to the ACC for the 2014/15 financial year, compared to N.dollars 48,5 million allocated during the 2013/14 financial year.
Introducing the ACC's budget allocation in the National Assembly on Wednesday, Deputy Prime Minister Marco Hausiku said the proposed allocation is to be divided between three programmes under the commission’s medium-term plan.
These programmes include the investigation of allegations of corruption, corruption prevention and coordination, management and support.
Hausiku proposed an allocation of N.dollars 2 850 000 for the investigation of allegations of corruption.
The programme is expected to improve and extend the commission's intelligence-gathering capability, and to help successfully conduct and conclude investigations into alleged corrupt practices.
The programme will also recommend corruption-related cases for prosecution, and continue conducting examinations into the regulatory frameworks of public and private institutions in order to facilitate the discovery of corrupt practices in such bodies.
Hausiku further highlighted that the programme is expected to maintain the ACC's case management system, which controls and monitors investigative work.
A proposed allocation of N.dollars 2,8 million was made for the corruption prevention programme, which is aimed at improving the commission's advocacy and marketing campaigns on the dangers and evils of corruption, and to continue with its advisory services on corruption prevention.
“The expected outputs under each programme are also to finalise a national anti-corruption strategy and plan for implementation, as well as the launching and distribution of an anti-corruption manual for teachers which will facilitate the integration of anti-corruption topics into the Life Skills’ subject offered by Namibian schools,” the Deputy Prime Minister stated.
The coordination, management and support programme is anticipated to increase and effectively develop and manage its human resources and capacity to ensure a workforce with improved productivity and service delivery.
Thus, an allocation of N.dollars 49 142 000 was proposed.
Also expected from the coordination, management and support programme are assurances through the execution of regular internal audits, proper financial management, transparency and improved accountability, and the continuation to develop the ACC's infrastructural capacity to ensure accessible and enhanced services to the public.
Hausiku noted that the programme will in addition secure a high level of customer satisfaction through improved communication mechanisms, and will regulate the activities of the ACC by way of improved legislative and institutional framework changes.