Rundu residents given grace period to relocate livestock

19 Jun 2013 07:20
RUNDU, 19 JUN (NAMPA) - The Rundu Town Council has given residents who let their livestock graze within town boundaries up to the end of this year to look for alternative grazing areas outside town.
Several residents living in informal settlements here have erected livestock kraals in their backyards, despite the fact that keeping livestock such as cattle, goats, pigs and even donkeys is not allowed in local authority areas.
Often such livestock are found wandering around the town without supervision, causing a nuisance to some residents and at times damaging property.
The town council?s public relations officer, Benjamin Makayi told Nampa on Wednesday the council has given livestock owners a grace period, which they themselves requested during meetings held earlier this year, to look for land where they can move their livestock to.
The exact date still has to be determined.
Makayi explained that livestock owners are willing to relocate their livestock to villages, but a lack of land outside the local authority area is hampering them from moving.
He indicated that livestock owners were thus advised to contact traditional authority leaders in the region and apply for land where they can settle their livestock on, and embark on serious farming, which is not allowed within town boundaries.
The Rundu Town Council earlier this year conducted meetings at the town?s informal settlements such as Sauyemwa, Kasote, Kehemu, and Ndama to inform residents who own livestock in town, to demolish their kraals and goat pens and relocate their animals to areas outside the town where farming is allowed.
Failure to comply to this directive will lead to animals being impounded, and a fine to be paid on release of impounded animals.
This is not the first time the town council attempts to take up the issue of livestock wandering the streets of Rundu, as residents were already warned to relocate their livestock some years back, but very few people heeded this call.