Nujoma calls on entrepreneurs to seek new models of development

05 Mar 2014 12:00pm
WINDHOEK, 05 MAR (NAMPA) - Founding President Dr Sam Nujoma has called on entrepreneurs to seek new models of growth and development, and to ensure that Namibians benefit from the country’s human and natural resources.
He made this call during the fifth Sam Nujoma Innovative Enterprise Development Awards (SNIEDA) held in the capital on Tuesday.
“I call upon our entrepreneurs to ensure that we succeed in making our country’s human and natural resources work for us and through them, and convert ourselves from being mere producers and exporters of primary commodities to producers and exporters of manufactured and value-added products,” he advised.
Nujoma noted that there is a need for efforts to be focused more on supporting new entrepreneurs to succeed in establishing and growing their enterprises, especially in the manufacturing sector.
A reduction in poverty is thus only possible if there is an expansion of economic growth in all sectors of the economy.
The Founding President also advised enterprises to take advantage of opportunities created by expanded markets through regional and continental economic integration.
Africa is the richest continent in terms of human and natural resources. Thus, there is an urgent need for beneficiation so that the economic balance of power is in favour of emerging markets with Africa.
He went on to say that the direction of government’s economic policy is clear - that is, creating a conducive environment in which businesses, big and small, can prosper, but only if they do proper scientific research, plan accordingly and implement those plans.
“I, therefore, urge our entrepreneurs to be innovative and find ideas to developmental challenges, pushing forward home-grown solutions to fast-track growth,” Nujoma stated.
Speaking at the same occasion, Founder and Executive Director of the Indongo Group, Dr Frans Indongo said through an interpreter that entrepreneurs should obtain new knowledge and skills on a continuous basis, and appreciate the assistance of the people around them.
He said starting a business is an easy thing, but the real challenge lies in growing and sustaining that venture against the odds.
“I am a firm believer that successful businesses are the cornerstones of our country’s prosperity and national hope. But successful businesses are in the hands of entrepreneurs who are the primary architects of its success,” Indongo indicated.
The Sam Nujoma Innovative Enterprise Development Awards is a platform where entrepreneurs and innovators are recognised for their innovativeness, entrepreneurial mind and visible efforts aimed at the development of enterprises in Namibia.