Rehoboth housing project rolls out to Gobabis

24 Feb 2014 13:40pm
GOBABIS, 24 FEB (NAMPA) – Hydraform Interlocking Building Solutions, which claims to construct affordable houses, will extend its programme to Gobabis despite growing concerns from the community here about the company’s programme.
During a community meeting in the Nossobville Community Hall on Saturday with registered members of the programme and other community members here, Hydraform Interlocking Building Solutions Managing Director Marius !Kharigub said the company’s programme at the eastern town will continue as planned.
Hydraform Interlocking Building Solution from the Hardap Region claims that it can build a one-bedroom house of 55 square metres for N.dollars 30 000; an 86 square metre two-bedroom house for N.dollars 60 000; a three-bedroom house of 93 square metres for N.dollars 80 000; and a 115 square metre house of four bedrooms for N.dollars 100 000.
Since the company extended its operations to Gobabis over a month ago, throngs of desperate house-seekers have joined the programme by filling out application forms and paying the prescribed administration fee.
The programme has, however, been received with mixed feelings at this eastern town.
The municipality raised concerns about the credibility of the company’s claims that it could build houses for those who join the programme, as the local authority had not availed any land to the company.
Both Gobabis mayor Sila Bezuidenhoudt and Town Council chairperson Liberius Kalili confirmed to this agency on Thursday that the municipality has not sold or leased any land to that company.
The Namibian Police Force (NamPol)’s Regional Commander for the Omaheke Region, Josephat Abel said the police are investigating matters surrounding the operations of the company after receiving complaints from the public.
The top cop noted that he had summoned !Kharigub to his office to provide answers on the operations of the company, but the latter apparently failed to provide satisfactory answers.
But !Kharigub remains adamant that his company has been going by the book in all its dealings, and as such it will not withdraw from its planned roll-out to the Omaheke Region.
“The people are in need of affordable housing. We will not betray the people by falling short on our promises now or ever in the future. Those who do not want to join the programme can stay away, but we will move ahead with those who are interested,” he told a packed Nossobville community hall, and the participants responded with wild cheers.
Despite !Kharigub’s assurances, questions surrounding the availability of land for the housing programme, and how the company plans to by-pass the municipality to get approval for using its unique material within the boundaries of the town council, still linger.