Amathila donates kitchen and dinning hall to Kunene school

23 Feb 2014 14:30pm
OKAOKO-OTAVI, 23 FEB (NAMPA) – Former Deputy Prime Minister Libertina Amathila on Friday handed over a kitchen and dining hall to the Okaoko-Otavi Combined School in the Kunene Region, which she constructed with her own money.
The facility was built at a cost of N.dollars 250 000.
Speaking during the handing-over event here, Minister of Defense Nahas Angula praised Amathila, calling her a “true citizen and a servant of the people”.
“Citizenship means caring for each other in a spirit of sharing, and to be compassionate. This morning we are witnessing the quality of a true citizen,” he said.
He noted that Amathila also built education and health centres in Zambia and Angola during Namibia’s liberation struggle, and when she was Deputy Prime Minister, Amathila continued building homes and restoring the dignity of the disadvantaged by building them homes, schools and clinics, and resettling them.
Angula said Namibia is proud of Amathila’s humanitarian efforts.
“I wish all of us could emulate your examples and commit ourselves to work for public good. You are truly a servant of the people,” he said.
Amathila also provided the school with 12 laptops last year - acquired with N.dollars 70 000 from her own funds.
She said during the event on Friday that after the donation of laptops, she saw children of that school eating under trees and their food being cooked under a shade structure. This prompted her to construct the kitchen and dining hall.
Amathila supervised the construction – from ground-breaking to completion - and painted the buildings herself.
“I was sleeping in a tent under a tree to see to it that the work was done on time. It took us two months – from December last year to January 2014 - to successfully have the facility standing,” she said.
The event was also witnessed by other senior Government officials such as Deputy Education Minister Silvia Makgone, Kunene Governor Josua //Hoebeb, as well as traditional leaders from the region.