Businesses cut off from main road in Opuwo

18 Feb 2014 11:00am
OPUWO, 18 FEB (NAMPA) - Delays in the completion of a storm drainage system in Opuwo are preventing customers from gaining access to local businesses.
Some local business owners say they have been cut off from the main road by trenches dug for the purpose of installing the planned drainage system, and this has led to a decrease in the amount of customers they get.
According to the owner of Sbogae Restaurant, Petrus Moses, the Opuwo Town Council and the contractor who is responsible for the connection of the drainage system was supposed to make provision for proper access to their businesses.
“The trenches were dug in December last year and they are still open, preventing customers from entering our businesses,” Moses told Nampa on Tuesday.
The business owner also alleged that no work had been done for some weeks now.
Another business owner who has been affected is Tjizozu Hangalo, who said they were in the dark about the situation.
He added that they were not consulted about work being done on the roads, or told when they could expect the work to be completed.
Approached for comment, the Chief Executive Officer of the Opuwo Town Council, Alphons Tjitombo said the installation of the storm drainage system is scheduled to be completed by the end of May this year.
“The trenches have been left open because of a delay in the delivery of the specified material, which needs to be delivered from South Africa,” he noted.
The town council paid for the material last week, and they are expecting it to be delivered soon.
Tjitombo furthermore indicated that contractors are faced with limitations as they rent the heavy machinery used to dig trenches and pay for the equipment per hour or per day.
The trenches were dug while the delivery of the material was still awaited so that the rented machinery could be returned, he added.