Build-Together project at KHP will continue: Christiaan

10 Jun 2013 08:50
KEETMANSHOOP, 10 JUN (NAMPA) - The Keetmanshoop Municipality will proceed with the construction of houses, despite complaints from beneficiaries about the sizes of such houses.
In April this year, beneficiaries of the Government-funded Build-Together programme here demanded that the project be stopped and started from scratch because the houses were too small.
They are demanding two-bedroom houses, instead of the one-bedroom houses currently being constructed in the Tseiblaagte Extension Two area, also known as Ileni.
As such, they want to be given their repayable loans of N.dollars 40 000 each to build their own houses. They want this money in cash to pay contractors of their choice.
Contractors appointed by the municipality were asked to stop the work, and wait for a final decision.
Two members of the Build-Together committee, Charles Jossop and Ernst Jash confirmed to Nampa on Monday that the municipality was informed about the issues, and the beneficiaries are still awaiting answers.
In response, the Strategic Executive for Local Economic Development and Community Services in the town's municipality, Jegg Christiaan said today that the project will continue because he received confirmation from 30 beneficiaries that they want their houses build.
Christiaan said although he heard about it, he was not officially informed about the demand to stop the project and pay the money to the beneficiaries.
?I am in charge of the project, so as far as I am concerned, it will continue. Those who have complaints can continue complaining.
It will be unfair that people who understand why we build such small houses and accept to have them, should suffer because of those who refuse to understand,? he responded.
Christiaan further explained that the sizes of the houses were decreased because building them according to the initial plans would have been too expensive to execute with a budget of N.dollars 40 000 for each.
Beneficiaries should also know that N.dollars 23 000 is used only for building materials, while the rest is used to pay for things such as the erf, legal fees and labour.
?There is no way that the houses will cost less than the loan amount. We have also explained to them why we reduced the initial plan before the construction started,? he repeated his earlier sentiments.
The project aims to build 100 houses this year.
Six of such houses have already been completed.