YDM manager calls for support for local manufacturers

15 Feb 2014 14:00pm
ARANDIS, 15 FEB (NAMPA) – Another call has been made for Namibians to support local manufacturers in efforts to grow the country’s economy and create employment.
Yellow Drum Manufacturing (YDM) Managing Director Nicolaas Mostert made the call on Thursday while giving members of the media a tour of his steel drum factory.
The YDM factory opened at the small mining town of Arandis in 2010 and has a labour force of 24 employees. It produces 500 open and closed drums per week. The factory is the only such facility in Namibia.
They import steel used in the manufacturing of drums from neighbouring South Africa. The drums are used for storing and transporting water, oil, uranium and other products.
Some of the businesses who support YDM are Agra, Rössing Uranium Limited and Langer Heinrich Mine.
Mostert called on local companies to look for opportunities inside the country before resorting to imports from other countries such as South Africa.
“We need to stop buying products from other countries when we have our own quality products at home, our industry needs to add value to our products so that we can also export to other countries,” he said.
He noted that some companies such as road contractors which use steel drums have been loyal to the South African market, but indicated that they have to started buying local.
“Our aim is to grow the Namibian economy and create employment in the process. We plan to expand the business in the middle of this year by starting to manufacture roofing sheets and door and window frames,” Mostert stated.
He noted that this project will provide employment to an additional 50 people, most of whom will be from Arandis.
The factory on Thursday donated 1 000 steel refuse drums to the Arandis Town Council to replace smaller bins used on Arandis streets before.
He said the donation forms part of his company’s social responsibility.
Arandis is located 60 kilometres east of Swakopmund.