Erongo schools receive boost from fishing company

06 Jun 2013 11:10
ARANDIS, 06 JUN (NAMPA) - The Arechanab Fishing and Development (AFD) company on Thursday donated N.dollars 755 000 to schools and welfare organisations around the Erongo Region.
The beneficiaries include Kamwandi Junior Secondary school, Urbanus Dax Primary School and Kotora Primary School, which received N.dollars 50 000 each, while Arandis Kindergarten received N.dollars 170 000.
Arandis Primary school received N.dollars 50 000 towards its school fund, as well as two classrooms worth N.dollars 400 000.
The Erongosig Primary school received N.dollars 50 000 and a minibus worth N.dollars 250 000.
Catholic AIDS Action in Walvis Bay, which runs an after-school support programme for registered orphans and vulnerable children, received N.dollars 140 000 from the fund, while the Walvis Bay Church Benevolent Board received N.dollars 145 000.
AFD has since 1998 donated N.dollars 11,7 million towards development and upliftment projects in Erongo communities.
Speaking at the handing-over ceremony, Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister Bernhard Esau called on fishing entrepreneurs to not be ?spectators of development?, but to become active participants.
?We need to realise our Vision 2030 and make our National Development Plans a reality during our lifetime,? he said, adding that ?our communities must feel the presence of the fishing sector in the social development programmes?.
He also called on fishing entrepreneurs to be involved in the fight for social progress and development for Namibia?s citizens.
The Arechanab Fishing and Development (AFD) company is a Namibian company and one of the key players in the fishing industry which has been granted horse mackerel fishing rights in the Namibian economic zone.
AFD is managed by Erongo Marine Enterprises, which owns 49 per cent shares in the company, while 18 per cent of the shares are held by Namibian citizens and 33 per cent, by the Arechanab Community Trust.