BBA Housemates loosen up a little...

June 6, 2013, 4:48 am

As you have noticed the housemates have been on and off the treadmills for hours, lifting weights and had spent 2 good days working the machines. Well Big Brother had paired them up for the weeks’ fitness task and instructed them to keep walking the treadmills until he says they should stop. They were also instructed to support each other by being outside cheering each other on. The housemates were excited to all be outside, conversation was going good, until the obvious happened. They got tired, some went to sleep except from Oneal, whilst everyone met in dream land. Oneal had stayed up walking. I am sure you wondering how Natasha did, well let me not state the obvious.

Maria... “Maria has all of a sudden been off radar” says Oneal in this diary session when Big Brother asked him, who he thinks has been gone unnoticed in the house. Oneal's reasons as to why he feels Maria has been not noticed is because she is neutral and she is not as hype as she was in the first week, he is thinking maybe the toned down girl that she has recently adopted is probably who she really is as a person. He also said, it could be that she is missing home or it’s her strategy but whatever the case Oneal strongly feels that Maria has been going unnoticed in the house.

The housemates are settled well in the house. Natasha is being her usual self, maximized on her talking, it moved from sex education to housemate analysis with Biguesas. Biguesas on the other hand had a lot to say about Maria in his diary session. He felt like Maria does not help with house chores, she doesn’t cook and it bothered him because she is a woman (pshhhh!!) and explained of a scenario in the house when one of the housemates messed and asked her to clean, and Maria's response was “i am nobody’s maid here”. That apparently got Biguesas worried he did not expect it from her, and to his surprise he said, of late Maria has been helping out in the house and washed dishes and that made him proud. Someone needs to let Biguesas know that thou he is “big pappa” Maria is not his wife.

The love triangle. Koketso, Lk4 and Beverly are the triangle of the Ruby house. It started with Lk4 and Koketso and Beverly stirred up doubt amongst the couple for her interest which happened to be Lk4. The fight for Lk4's attention continued when Natasha played mediator between Lk4 and Koketso and informed them well on what “Beveri” is up too. Beverly on the other hand has decided to keep her distance from the couple but Koketso can not let go, she kept nagging Lk4  and the poor guy kept explaining and this brought tension in the Ruby house. All I can say is Koketso is destroyed by emotions and Lk4 is playing the game, his focus on the money.

Minus all the drama, the energy draining task, it was party time, music was played and housemates really did deserve to take a break. Most of the housemates of the Diamond house enjoyed each other’s company in the Jacuzzi and Biguesas was lucky he got an intimate booty shake from Selly. The housemates enjoyed Selly's dancing whilst they chilled in the Jacuzzi. It became very pleasing to watch when they started to play the game of who can keep his or her breath long under water and Melvin from Nigeria stayed a good 2 minutes, it got the counting housemates very excited, including our very calm down to earth Dillish, or was it what was in her glass? Housemates relaxed indeed.

BBA update by Missy