Another victimisation claim against /Hai-/Khaua authority

06 Jun 2013 02:50
BERSEBA, 05 JUN (NAMPA) - Another resident of the Berseba area in the Karas Region is claiming victimisation by the /Hai-/Khaua Traditional Authority, allegedly because he does not support the authority.
Farmer Lukas Bock says he was issued with an eviction notice by the authority for allegedly settling illegally on communal land at Kaalvlakte village, and was informed that he settled there without consulting community members.
He previously stayed at Kameelrivier village, which is also situated in the Berseba area, and recently moved to Kaalvlakte in search of grazing.
Bock, however, says he spoke to the community members, who granted him permission to settle there.
An eviction notice dated 27 May 2013 and signed by Stephanus Goliath, the deputy captain of the /Hai-/Khaua Traditional Authority, instructed Bock to return to Kameelrivier within seven days of receiving the eviction notice.
It further advised him to apply to the traditional authority for consideration to settle at Kaalvlakte.
?You ignored consulting the community members affected by your presence in their area. You have also deprived members of the community there the right to use their water resources by diverting the pipeline to your house, and catering only for your animals. This is in violation of the constitution of the Water Point Committee,? the notice reads.
Speaking through a translator on Monday, Bock claimed that he is being evicted from the area simply because he does not support the /Hai-/Khaua Traditional Authority.
He further denied having diverted the water pipe to his house and not allowing anyone to use the water.
Bock says the community members who previously allowed him to stay have now turned against him, denying that they said they have no problem with him staying there.
He is refusing to move back to Kameelrivier, and said there is no grazing in that area because it is ?overgrazed?.
?There is one farmer with a lot of cattle, that's why there is no grazing anymore,? said the translator, who asked to remain anonymous.
Bock is the third person to claim that he is being victimised by the traditional authority because he does not support it.
Last year, the Otjiherero-speaking Isascar Kapeotua from Snyfontein village also claimed that he was being evicted from that area purportedly because he did not support the traditional authority.
He further alleged that he was being evicted because he is not a Nama, but the authority rejected his claims, saying any eviction is done according to the Traditional Authority?s rules.
Also, in January this year, Johannes Titus was issued with an eviction notice by the /Hai-/Khaua Traditional Authority, instructing him to leave Paradys village in the Berseba area and to move back to the /Uibes area where he had lived previously.
He alleged that this was because he was in conflict with his uncle Ludwig Beukes, who apparently supported the authority over a piece of land.
Like Kapeotua and Bock, Titus however defied the eviction notice from the traditional authority, and decided to remain put.
Contacted by Nampa on Wednesday, Goliath refused to comment on why the conflict is taking place, and why accusations are variously being made against the Traditional Authority.
?I think the issue is reaching a sensitive stage, and I am not at liberty to give any comments at this point,? he stated.