Alleged Okakarara killer denied bail

05 Jun 2013 12:20
OKAKARARA, 05 JUN (NAMPA) - The 27-year-old man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend at Okakarara in the early hours of Monday morning was denied bail by Assistant Okakarara Magistrate, Leah Kuuahe here on Wednesday.
The accused, Joe Mbundu was remanded in custody at the Okamatapati police holding cells on Wednesday morning pending further police investigations.
He was not asked to plead, and his second court appearance was set for 23 July this year.
Prosecutor Johannes Nunuheb represented the State in the matter.
According to the Namibian Police Force (NamPol)?s Otjozondjupa Regional Crime Investigations Co-ordinator, Deputy Commissioner Moses Khairabeb, Mbundu allegedly shot his ex-girlfriend, Njandee Katukundu once in the head and several times on her upper body just after midnight on Sunday.
Mbundu had reportedly recently discovered that the 31-year-old Katukundu had started a relationship with another man.
Khairabeb told Nampa in an interview on Monday the shooting incident took place at the residence of the deceased in Okakarara?s Okakango residential area.
Mbundu then fled the scene of the crime, fleeing into the bushes at Okakarara.
He however handed himself over to the police at the Okakarara Police Station on Monday at around 22h00.
Meanwhile, residents of the town on Wednesday handed over a petition to Okakarara Constituency Councillor Vetaruhe Kandorozu in connection with the matter.
The community members marched to the constituency office on Wednesday where they handed a petition over to Kandorozu before proceeding to the Okakarara Magistrate?s Court.
In the petition, read by the group?s spokesperson Vaya Katjari, the community members demanded that Mbundu should not receive bail.
They also urged the Okakarara Magistrate to hand an effective sentence down to Mbundu for the alleged barbaric murder of his ex-girlfriend. They in addition urged all Namibian men to learn to accept rejection, and demanded harsher punishment for rapists and murderers found guilty by courts of law in order to ?set good examples?.