Keetmans dumpsite should be fenced-off

05 Jun 2013 06:50
By Paulus Shiku
KEETMANSHOOP, 05 JUN (NAMPA) - The scavenging for food and other goods at the Keetmanshoop dumpsite could be curbed if the area is fenced-off, a municipal official said here on Wednesday.
The Keetmanshoop municipality?s Health Inspector Ludo-Whan Benade told Nampa on Wednesday that he has been recommending to the town council since June 2012 that the dumpsite be fenced- off to prevent residents from feeding off spoiled food there.
A lot of unemployed people, including children in this southern town, make a living from foraging at the dumpsite every morning.
They collect empty bottles and cans to sell to recycling companies; clothes to wear and/or sell to make money; as well as other materials they deem fit for use.
?I will soon submit my recommendations to the council that the dumpsite be fenced-off with barbed-wire fence so that we are able to manage scavenging and illegal dumping.
We have been telling people not to feed off the dumpsite because it is not good for their health, but they refuse to listen,? Benade stated.
He said the main problem which will be solved first by a fence is the illegal dumping of waste.
People in this southern town dump waste just about anywhere - near houses and outside the allocated dumpsite, instead of placing the waste at the actual dumpsite.
This creates a hazardous environment, especially for children from nearby houses who go and play in the waste and nibble on spoiled food.
Benade said the council will continue to sensitise residents about the consequences of the illegal dumping of waste in an effort to deter them from this practice.
A fine of N.dollars 2 000 is already applicable to anyone found guilty of illegal dumping.
?People here have a tendency of taking the easiest way of dumping waste. Instead of taking it to the dumpsite, they go behind the Noordhoek and Westdene suburbs, and throw the waste there.
It is not only poor people who do not have vehicles to transport their disposed waste to the dumpsite, even people who have vehicles are guilty of illegal dumping here,? Benade stressed.
Once the dumpsite is fenced-off, people could then be employed to collect waste for recycling.