BBA Housemates Play cupid

June 5, 2013, 4:44 am

Big brother has given a chance to housemates to spend one on one time with housemates of the other house and this was done through a mechanism called the “crush wall”, a housemate has to choose two people that he or she would love to spend time with from the other house. And it gets interesting, a housemate has to go into the diary room and on the screen shows their profile picture and pictures of housemates from the other house and they must drag their pic onto the pic of desired housemates.

Well technology is quickly improving and becomes complex and with age it becomes a bit hard to keep up. My Zambian man Sulu entered the diary room saw the screen and with his strong very catchy accent says “ah ah how am I gonna drag this now”. Sulu was puzzled, he said the game doesn’t make sense to him, but he wasn’t the only one. From the diamond house Annabel and Montamma acted blonde a little. As the housemates continue to vote, I noticed a trend in their voting and it hit me, the housemates from both houses are playing cupid. Let me explain. Hakeem was in the Ruby house and a swap happened Monday and now he is in the Diamond house. However what most people don’t know is that Cleo is the apple of Hakeem's eye and the housemates saw it and heard from both parties, and during the time when a housemate had to choose a crush, they chose either Cleo or Hakeem, some made mistakes because they don’t really know exactly how Cleo looked.

Point is, whoever has the most crushes gets to choose anyone from the other house and they can have their one on one in the 'Rendezvous Room' on Saturday.

I start getting worried when love emerges from nowhere, it changes the competition in many ways. For example in this case, Africa would definitely want to keep the lovebirds long in the house and whoever is going to be nominated up against either of the two is likely to be evicted. Yes it is a game but we must bear in mind, feelings change everything, a lot of things. Look at Meryl she got married to Mwisho, feelings developed because of the game but those feelings were real and now Zambia and Zimbabwe has become one. I am scared for our girls.

I am hoping we don’t only have fingers crossed but we are voting for our girl Dillish to stay in the house, it is too early for her to leave and I strongly believe Africa will save her.