Prevent adult learners from being taught under trees: DAE

04 Jun 2013 11:30
SWAKOPMUND, 04 JUN (NAMPA) ? Adult education needs to be continuously popularised, and adults seeking education should be strongly encouraged to join the programme, the Director of Adult Education Beans Ngatjizeko said here on Tuesday.
Speaking on the sidelines of a three-day annual review workshop by the Ministry of Education (MoE) for senior education officers across Namibia, Ngatjizeko said adult education is a broad field which involves everyone, and since it involves community development it is a profession on its own, and as a result should be treated equal to formal education.
?The adult learning programme is not only found within the MoE, but also in other ministries and tertiary education. Therefore, anyone can join the programme,? he said.
Ngatjizeko explained that although the adult learning programme hosts 28 826 adult learners across the country, the Directorate of Adult Education (DAE) still experiences challenges with regards to human and financial resources.
Other challenges are the slow implementation process of policies developed, a lack of capacity-building resources, and a dire need for facilities to be improved to prevent learners from being taught under trees.
Approached for comment regarding challenges experienced across the different regions, Senior Education Officer in the Caprivi Region, Joseph Kawana said seasonal changes are a challenge due to the fact that learners harvest crops certain periods during the year, which hampers them from attending classes.
Senior Education Officer in the Khomas Region, Steve Kaangundue said some adult learners run their own businesses, and can therefore not attend the adult learning programme all the time.
In the Karas Region, the challenge is shift changes amongst workers.
Senior Education Officer in Karas, Jacky Rukamba explained that adults attend lessons during their off periods, but when their shifts are changed it prohibits them from going to classes.
The workshop is focused on reviewing the DAE?s annual adult programme activities as well its strategic plans for the years ahead.
The DAE aims to provide opportunities for adults in Namibia to have access to adult education programmes, provide entrepreneurial skills for self-development, and improve equity and access to high-quality lifelong learning opportunities.