Do not take country’s peace for granted: Tjiriange

07 Feb 2014 12:20pm
KAISOSI, 07 FEB (NAMPA) – The Special Advisor to the Minister of Home Affairs, Dr Ngarikutuke Tjiriange has cautioned citizens not to take Namibia’s peace for granted as there are people who are waiting to take advantage of it.
Addressing a Swapo-Party mini-rally at the Kaisosi informal settlement on the outskirts of Rundu on Thursday, Tjiriange said the country’s hard-won freedom should be treated like an egg which is fragile, and which can break if dropped on the ground.
He said the Swapo-Party is the only political party which has brought peace to the country, and which can maintain it.
The former Swapo-Party Secretary-General also spoke out against people who threaten to stay away from voting, saying they will only be punishing themselves.
He said those who are not planning to vote are making a big mistake as they will be opening doors for people who are otherwise “not supposed to rule the country”.
Furthermore, he claimed that the Swapo-led government had done a lot for the past 23 years, and questioned why people were turning a blind eye to what the government has done.
“Your gun is your vote, and everybody has a contribution to make through the votes,” Tjiriange stressed.
He then warned Swapo-Party members who allegedly ‘claim to be party members during the day, but are something else at night’ that they will be disciplined.
The veteran politician warned that as the chairman of the party’s disciplinary committee, he will also not tolerate any members who violate the country’s laws.
He then launched a scathing attack on opposition political parties, whom he said have a tendency of telling lies because they have “nothing to say at all”.
“I am not worried about the opposition because some of them (leaders) have failed while they were in Swapo and have never succeeded, so nothing will make them succeed elsewhere,” he stated.
Tjiriange also warned some councillors to refrain from fighting amongst themselves for positions, and to instead concentrate on serving the people.