With the whirlwind that is my boyfriend

November 15, 2012, 2:54 am

We had just pulled over at the entrance of luxurious apartments.
Lots of thoughts raced in my mind but I resorted to keep my mouth shut this time and do as I’m told.
Throughout the drive there, we both didn’t say even two words to each other. I sat in the passenger seat looking outside the window, wondering how I got myself in this situation and how fast things have been going.
Cota P had kept his eyes on the road the whole time, occasionally looking at his rear view and side mirror for other drivers. Well, I actually wished he would say something, or at least hum one of those R. Kelly songs he likes so much. The silence was ripping me apart.
He punched a code on the gate entrance and it opened as we slid into a parking space. I heard his phone vibrate for the six time since we left my place, I think, but as he’d been doing for the past 15 minutes, he took it off his trouser pocket, glanced at the screen then put it back.
“Don’t move!” He snapped and then strode to my side to open the car door for me. He stretched his hand for me to take it while looking me straight in the eye as if gauging my reaction. Dumbfounded, I took it. His expression was unreadable, giving nothing away. We walked to the elevators and once inside, he pressed “7” on the elevator keypad.
It was just the two of us in there. The tension grew and I felt bile rise up to my mouth. I swear I’ve never been so nervous about the unknown!
After what seemed like an eternity, the elevator halted and we got into a foyer, then to a front door.
“This cannot be his apartment. He’s probably here to see one of his weird friends,” I thought.
I almost grinned but refrained, because I was determined to stay as angry as possible until all my questions were answered.
The first thing I spotted in the humongous and lavishly-furnished living room was a framed photo of two younger looking guys and an older woman on top of a piano keyboard near the floor to ceiling window of the room. Then I noticed the right side of the room covered with exquisite photos of two boys and a woman; it was like time-capsule where they are almost in every single age of their lives.
 “That’s me, my mom and my baby brother,” he said coolly from behind me. When I turned to face him, he gave me one of his cutest smiles. For a second, I was lost in that smile. He looked so abnormally hot.
Cota P led me to the big brown leather L-shaped couch that filled half of the living room. He sat next to me and started showing me album pictures of his family. I couldn’t stop giggling at the stories that came with every photo. It was as if we’d never had problems.
“That’s my most favourite sound,” he said, looking me in the eye as if searching my soul.
Not understanding what he meant, I asked; “What is?”
“Your giggle,” he said, his voice almost in a whisper, his expression giving nothing away.
Then reaching for my weapon of destruction, I smiled and turned my attention back to the photos. It soon struck me that it was just the three of them in all the photos and no image of a man. I wanted to know why but I couldn’t pry.
One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was inside another room, on a bed and he had nothing on but his jeans...