BBA Nominations - Day 8

June 4, 2013, 3:16 am

Day 8 nominations

Immediately after the emotional grill the housemates got during the eviction, it is already nomination, time, and that is the day that all the housemates start analyzing their relationships. I mean one has to be very careful when nominating, you could nominate someone that you will get close too in the week, and guilt is not a good feeling. Guilt is so bad it stirred up hot soup in the diamond house.

Let me take you back a little bit. Last week Feza was Head of House (HoH) and she saved Elikem from Ghana and put Betty up for eviction. Well guess what? Betty is now HoH and it sure is the right time for her to serve Feza with payback. If you remember correctly, nominations began immediately the housemates entered the house, most of them did not properly know the names of who they want to nominate, and Feza felt that by the time of her nominations the person that did not open up much was Betty and that is how she replaced Elikem with Betty. Things are tight for Feza, her apology did not do the trick with Betty, which was OK, because Feza nominated Betty anyways. It is very clear this girls are playing the game.

The atmosphere in both houses was not nice to watch, up until the last person called for nominations. The housemates started to look like my chess pieces, thinking hard on who will nominate who, what will lead to these nominations, most especially in the Ruby house. The house I find most entertaining looked like ignored biltong, the pressure was on for the ruby housemates, and most especial Biguesas from Angola. He sat for almost an hour in thought whilst fellow housemates took their naps after nominations. Well it is a pity, his week will probably not go well for him. I like it when they are puzzled

Breakdown on how the houses nominated;

The Ruby house

Natasha: Beverly and Bassey

Neyll: Maria and LK4

Koketso: Biguesas and Selly

Maria: Biguesas and Natasha

Oneal: Neyll and Sulu

Cleo: Selly and Biguesas

Beverly: Biguesas and Sulu

Sulu: Neyll and Pokello

Selly: LK4 and Koketso

Bassey: LK4 and Biguesas

LK4: Neyll and Biguesas

Biguesas: LK4 and Maria

Pokello: Biguesas and Koketso

Biguesa and LK4 have the most votes and HoH Selly saves Biguesas and replaced him with Koketso


The Diamond House

Feza: Betty and Hakeem

Dillish: Bolt and Hakeem

Bolt: Dillish and Annabel

Angelo: Feza and Bolt

Bimp: Annabel and Dillish

Nando: Motamma and Melvin

Motamma: Hakeem and Bolt

Annabel: Bolt and Betty

Betty: Elikem and Feza

Fatima: Hakeem and Dillish

Elikem: Annabel and Nando

Hakeem: Dillish and Feza

Melvin: Betty and Bolt

Bolt, Dillish and Hakeem have the most votes and HoH saves Bolt and replaced him with Feza

After all the stats, Lk4, koketso Dillish Hakeem and Feza are all facing eviction. HoH Betty did not hesitate to save her beast, and I am pretty sure Feza is expecting to be up for eviction. HoH Selly on the other hand was hesitant to replace Biguesas, but she chose Koketso and I hope it was the right choice for her sake. HoH's are more likely to be nominations target after the save and replacements come to light.

BBA Update by Missy