Defence Minister: 2014 year of commitment to duty

05 Feb 2014 16:00


Defence Minister Nahas Angula today officially welcomed the members of the Namibia Defence Force (NDF) for the year 2014 under the slogan ‘Commitment to Duty’.

Angula congratulated the newly-elected NDF Chief Lieutenant John Mutwa and urged the NDF members to support him.

Commitment to duty should be demonstrated by high motivation, competence, discipline, physical fitness and mental stability, Angula said, urging all NDF staff to strive to demonstrate these qualities.

“2014 is a year of commitment to duty as far as the Ministry of Defence is concerned. Laggard behaviour, such as late arrival at work, unpermitted absenteeism and careless handling of State property shall not be tolerated,” warned Angula who also said officials reporting for duty while intoxicated will not go unpunished.

Although NDF members may think their misconducts will go unnoticed, given the size of the organisation, Angula said a system is now in place to catch culprits.

“If you are absent for more than 30 days without leave, you will be charged, disciplined or dismissed. The system will catch up with you,” sternly warned Angula.