New Kavango Governor to tackle rural development head-on

03 Jun 2013 09:50
RUNDU, 03 JUN (NAMPA) - New Kavango Regional Governor Dr Samuel Mbambo has prioritised rural development as the pace of development must be measured by how well people in the rural areas are doing.
Mbambo, who previously served as Namibia's Ambassador to India, replaced the late Governor Maurus Nekaro, who died early this year.
He arrived in Namibia from India on 24 May, and arrived in the Kavango Region with his wife, Bonifacia Mbambo last Thursday.
He was received by Government officials and people of the region immediately after entering the Mururani checkpoint, situated some 130km south of Rundu.
A large convoy of Government and private vehicles escorted the new governor from the Mururani checkpoint to his new office at the Kavango Regional Council, with many people cheering and waving at him along the road.
During his remarks, the Kavango Governor said although Namibia is small in population, every citizen should ask themselves what they can contribute to the global village, and that such contributions should start at village level.
The governor stated that it is not the richest, educated and most advanced people who should determine the pace of development, but development must be measured by how good and well one is doing with the people in the rural area.
He is thus of the opinion that development must be felt not in capital cities only, but be determined by people in rural areas, stressing that what a child in an urban area is enjoying must also be enjoyed by a child in a rural area.
?I am here to join a team that already exists - the Regional Council ? and to see to it that our people benefit from everything that is benefitting people in the city. The rural areas are number one,? stressed the new governor.
Mbambo said Namibia is blessed with visionary leaders who, a few years ago, came up with the idea of Vision 2030, and envisioned that come the year 2030, the country and its future generation should be on par with other developed nations.
Citing a proverb which says the ?legs of a hungry man should never be idle?, the governor called on people not to sit down and wait for drought relief aid, but to stand up and do something for themselves since the region is abundant with water and fertile soil.
The Kavango Region has also been given a big responsibility, which are the Green Scheme projects.
?We will fail Namibia if come next year and there is enough rain, the government still goes from one home to another, distributing food.
This region has been given a responsibility and mandate, and it?s a challenge because we are blessed with water and fertile soil to see to it that the nation must have enough food, and I will start myself by putting up a garden,? he noted.
Mbambo then challenged his new team at the Regional Council to start indulging in agricultural activities before they start teaching inhabitants of the region to do the same.
He told those in attendance that he is happy to be back home, and accepted the new responsibility with humility, but is cognisant of the fact that it is not a single man's game but a team effort. He will thus rely heavily on residents of the region as they have enough wisdom to tell him what to do, and where to move next.
?Once you see me shining, that means inhabitants of the region are doing very well. But if you see me not shining, look at yourself and not at me,? he added.