Labour law training to shift to Rosh Pinah

03 Jun 2013 09:00
LÜDERITZ, 03 JUN (NAMPA) - The Karas Regional Council (KRC) will conduct the second labour law workshop for employers and employees in Rosh Pinah from 03 to 05 July 2013.
This follows the first successful workshop by the KRC in Lüderitz during August last year when 30 employers and employees from companies such as the Seaflower Whitefish Corporation, NovaNam, Namport and Marco Fishing participated.
KRC chairperson Jan Scholtz told Nampa on Monday that the objective of the workshop is to fight the labour unrest engulfing the region, especially in the mining and fishing industries.
?We want to address the ongoing labour disputes and unprotected strikes to create better employer-employee relations at workplaces in the region,? the politician noted.
This time around, the workshop will target staff from Namdeb, the Skorpion Zinc Mine and the Rosh Pinah Zinc Mine. Skorpion and Rosh Pinah sponsored the workshop with a combined N.dollars 56 000.
Other areas of business such as retailers, catering and hospitality are welcome to participate in the workshop.
Scholtz said the training will cover topics such as social conflicts, rights and duties of employers and employees, the protection of fundamental rights, discrimination and sexual harassment as well as freedom of association to join trade unions.
It will further discuss conciliation and arbitration, health and safety at the workplace, and introduce participants to amendments of the Labour Act of 2012, amongst other topics.
Media Ombudsman and labour lawyer Clement Daniels will facilitate the workshop.
The next training on labour laws will take place in the Karasburg Constituency in July or August 2014